Citi Global Wealth at Work provides industry professionals with funding solutions and wealth management services designed to suit their changing needs.

Our Partner Capital Loan Program can offer busy professionals a conveniently customized funding option to help finance all – or part – of your firm capital contribution.

We understand the importance of capital to your firm, which is why we can offer all eligible clients a range of benefits – including preferred rates, extended tenor, special pricing, and a streamlined application process. We have worked with your management team to design and tailor the best offering and term sheet for you.

Our dedicated team will draw on decades of industry expertise to provide a tailored solution to your capital borrowing requirements. So, if you’re looking for an efficient and personalized capital contribution partnership, then we’re your  team.

How we serve you


Over many decades, we have used our industry experience to develop a trusted approach to lending to senior partners.

We’ve established the credibility of our services in the sector, and proven ourselves to be both efficient and adaptable when it comes to setting up a capital contribution partnership. We can provide you with unsecured, specialist loans designed to help finance your partner contributions.

Become a client today, knowing that our funding solutions have been developed over many years of industry experience.


We know that every busy professional and their firm will have a specific set of funding requirements.

So, rather than offer one program for everyone, we provide efficient, personalized solutions to borrowing. Depending on your needs and eligibility, you could benefit from special pricing, extended tenor, interest-only repayments, and preferred rates. 

Our wealth management teams are here to serve you and your best interests. 


Your profession can be both rewarding and highly challenging.

We understand the pressures and complexities facing your firms and their senior partners. Which is why our Partner Capital Loan Program prioritizes flexibility and efficiency.

Our clients can take advantage of our streamlined application process, the timely availability of funds, and flexible options to help optimize your firm’s balance sheet.

We are here to respond and adapt to your changing needs.